Vajra stealth drone-Vajra UCAV by Garuda Aerospace

You must have understood that in today’s article I am going to talk about the Vajra UCAV Stealth Drone. The Vajra (UCAV) stealth drone is manufactured by Garuda Aerospace. Going to talk about the design, specifications and capabilities of this Vajra drone. Talking about the design specifications developed by Garuda Aerospace, the one ratio one model of Vajra stealth drone showcased for the first time at Defense Expo 2022, which is manufactured by Garuda Aerospace in Chennai, is a technical drone of Delta Wings design, this Vajra drone is seen in the US Like the B2 bomber, all the technology used in the Vajra drone will be manufactured in India by Garuda Aerospace, and its current prototype will be built soon. An MoU has been signed by Defense Expo between Lockheed Martin and Garuda Aerospace, under which the Lockheed Martin Canada CDL system will be used for the software used. Simply put, to control, signal and command the drone to operate unmanned, Lockheed Martin is going to provide software solutions for this thunderous drone and even use advanced software to connect whatever other requirements there are.

Specifications of Vajra stealth drone

Talking about the specifications of Vajra drone, it is going to be a very light drone, with full payload and battery, its total weight is going to be less than 50 kg, because of the speed of 25 meters per second to 30 meters per second. This thunder drone can be ready for operation within 20 minutes. The Vajra drone can be flown for at least more than six hours and this Vajra stealth drone can carry up to 10 kg of drop payloads and up to 5 kg of bombs, the Vajra drone is capable of carrying internal weapons. HAl PTAE-7 turbojet engine will be used to power the Vajra drone, which will produce 3.43 kilonewtons of power and this engine is going to give the Vajra drone a range of up to 160 km. A high-resolution night camera has also been installed in the Bajra drone, which will enable it to enter enemy territory and take pictures and watch its movements. With the help of satellite, all those images and footage will be sent to the control station very easily. This Vajra Stealth Drone is classified as Unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) due to its internal weapons and being unmanned. Due to the very small size of this drone, it is expected to be difficult to detect this drone on radar.

This drone will be used in wartime situations so that the army can keep a better eye on the enemy and understand their movements

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