Mogami class multirole frigate

Japan has developed the mogami class multirole frigates to protect their maritime borders. Which will multiply their resistance in the sea border. Japanese mogami class multirole frigates have a number of advanced capabilities that are expected to serve them well in any mission. The frigate will be powered by Rolls Royals Company MT30 gas turbine and 12V28/33D STC diesel engine, the ship will have a maximum speed of 30k.

Mogami class multirole frigate development

In 2015, the Japanese government allocated funds to build mogami class multirole frigates with new powerful radar systems and multi-functional capabilities. The Japanese government considered building a surface vessel called the 30DX for the JMSDS. According to the navy, it wants to add 22 multirole frigates to its service, the Japanese government estimates that the navy will be stronger if these 22 modern multirole frigates are added, so the Japanese government has selected Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding to build these frigates. Construction of the first ship of the mogami class began in March 2021 at Nagasaki Shipyard, and construction of the second ship of the class began in November 2020 at Taman Shipyard. To speed up shipbuilding, Japan signed a military agreement with Indonesia that included the supply of military equipment, including eight new Bodhi-class frigates. All vessels are expected to be commissioned between 2022 and 2032.

Characteristics of mogami class multirole frigate

The mogami class multirole frigate is a new generation of ships, which utilizes new and advanced technology resulting in multi-fold increase in capabilities. The frigate includes fifth generation stealthy technology and the ship is small in length and width, which allows the warship to evade enemy targets very well. The vessel will be manned by a total of 90 crew members. The vessel will be approximately 130 meters in length and approximately 16 meters in width. The ship also uses stealth technology and advanced technology demonstrator.

Sylhet will have an advanced integrated combat information center, a multifunction console and a large 360-degree screen. With the help of this screen, information can be exchanged from the ship’s engine control room very easily. Additionally, the screen is capable of displaying the environment around the ship, using augmented reality technology to navigate the ship.

It is designed to be an unmanned surface vessel, helicopter, and submarine capable of laying mines at sea and re-locating the mines.

What weapons do mogami class multirole frigates have?

A variety of modern armaments have been added to the frigate. The mogami-class multirole frigate is converted into a powerful frigate for armament. Let’s see what this mogami-class multirole frigate is equipped with the latest weapons.

  • Mark 45 127mm Naval Gun System by BAE Systems
  • 16-cell Mk 41 vertical launching system (VLS) for surface-to-air missiles
  • anti-ship missiles.
  • Remote controlled weapon stations, short range and long range torpedoes
  • Decoy launcher and helicopter pad
  • Short range anti-ship missile defence system

Sensors on mogami class multirole frigates

Various sensors are installed in the frigate. The sensors are able to do their work properly in any situation. The ship has become a multirole combat ship due to installation of different sensors on this ship. Sensors can detect enemy ships and fire torpedoes against them, detect mines and destroy mines, get weather reports in advance. Let’s see what sensors are on mogami-class multirole frigates.

  • X-band Multi-purpose Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar
  • Electro-Optical and Infrared Sensor System
  • Variable Depth Sonar and Towed Array Sonar System
  • Mine-hunting Sonar System
  • Combat Management System
  • Console Display System

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