Vajra stealth drone-Vajra UCAV by Garuda Aerospace

Vajra stealth Drone By Garuda

You must have understood that in today’s article I am going to talk about the Vajra UCAV Stealth Drone. The Vajra (UCAV) stealth drone is manufactured by Garuda Aerospace. Going to talk about the design, specifications and capabilities of this Vajra drone. Talking about the design specifications developed by Garuda Aerospace, the one ratio one … Read more

Mogami class multirole frigate

Japan has developed the mogami class multirole frigates to protect their maritime borders. Which will multiply their resistance in the sea border. Japanese mogami class multirole frigates have a number of advanced capabilities that are expected to serve them well in any mission. The frigate will be powered by Rolls Royals Company MT30 gas turbine … Read more